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Ang. 22. FSU. NY/FL.
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It’s ridiculous how much you can be there for someone then they just completely shut you out and act like you don’t exist.

(via trustmusiclife23)

You always told me I’d end up a lawyer. I was in the third grade when I told Mrs. Button that you’d told me I’d make a great prostitute. I was 9 when you taught me what a prosecutor and a defense attorney were. Now here I am 11 years later prepping for an LSAT and planning out my life around law school. Sometimes I forget you won’t be the first person I call when I get accepted. You won’t be at my graduation, or there to hope I pass the bar the first time. All these things you knew for me are coming true and you’re not here to share it with me. You’re not coming home. Sometimes I forget, you know; sometimes I forget you ever died.

Does that make me horrible, or just stupid?